We are a team that integrates tech & human skills | We use digital assets to create value | 100 DOMAINS Ltd is the home for XRAYX.

100 DOMAINS is a registered UK company providing the legal framework for its web domains.

XRAYX is more than just a brand name: It represents the technical team that builds and optimises the network. We are building interconnected online spaces unlocking value for our community & partners.

XRAYX is a network of web assets | HUB | Network| Store | Community Centric Design

‘The network as a whole focuses on four key aspects:

Education | Environment | Arts | Web tools

XRAYX promotes the integration of cutting edge web technology, and tangible human experiences.

Decentralised websites | Free Web Tools | Cheaper | More secure | Faster | Ad-Free | Cookie Free | Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Resulting in 100% of profits remaining with content providers. No signing up fees.  No subscriptions. Exclusive content.

Users will be able to browse ad-free, cookie free, assured their personal data is not being shared.

Like to know more? We’d like to hear from you. 

Thank you for visiting our new home.  

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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