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100 Domains XRAYX promotes web 3.0 technology, integration  tangible Endeavours  human experiences. Growth Connection Space for ideas Community

We are a team that integrates tech & human skills | We use digital assets to create value | 100 DOMAINS Ltd is the home for XRAYX.

100 DOMAINS is a registered UK company providing the legal framework for its web domains.

XRAYX is more than just a brand name: It represents the technical team that builds and optimises the network. We are building interconnected online spaces unlocking value for our community & partners.

XRAYX is a network of web assets | HUB | Network| Store | Community Centric Design

‘The network as a whole focuses on four key aspects:

Education | Environment | Arts | Web tools

XRAYX promotes the integration of cutting edge web technology, and tangible human experiences.

Decentralised websites | Free Web Tools | Cheaper | More secure | Faster | Ad-Free | Cookie Free | Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Resulting in 100% of profits remaining with content providers. No signing up fees.  No subscriptions. Exclusive content.

Users will be able to browse ad-free, cookie free, assured their personal data is not being shared.

Like to know more? We’d like to hear from you. 

Thank you for visiting our new home.  

We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you are like us and you believe team work, privacy, equality, and that creating and accessing unbelievable value should not cost the Earth you have come to the right place.

Consultation Form: Website Creation and Maintenance | Design & Software Development Services

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Please read the description before purchase.
After purchasing a consultation form, you will then receive a confirmation of purchase with further instructions via email. Please follow a link and complete a consultation form.
Once we have your project details we will estimate the work according to its varied requirements and provide one of four options:
(1) Immediate quotation (great we can begin the project if you accept our quotation).
(2) We require a maximum of a five day assessment period whilst we investigate your project.
(3) We request more information (process begins again).
(4) Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a service on this occasion. We hope you consider us in the future.
NOTE: if we are unable to full-fill your requirements the consultation fee will be refunded in full guaranteed.
Our consultation fee is to ensure we maximise our developers time on producing the work you require.
High quality design will be created by our talented team, our services include:
Branding | Video editing | Web Development | E-Commerce Development | Python and Nodejs | WordPress | PHP | And much more
Custom Logo Design | Logo Ideas | Graphic Design | Business Branding | Brand Image | Digital Illustration | Visit Card Design
*Please NOTE: This item only provides design and development services: no physical products will be produced.
1. Fees and Working Scope
Prepaid consultation fee: if you agree with the quotation after estimating the feasibility of your project, 100% of consultation fee will be deducted on final project fee.
Down payment: 50% of the total project fees needs to be settled before work begins. Working scope is referred to Stage One (see below).
Second payment: after signing off the work of Stage One, 40% of the fees are required to be settled before moving to Stage Two. Working scope is referred to Stage Two (see below).
Last payment: after signing off the work of Stage Two, 10% of the fees needs to be settled before we hand over the outcome (see below).
*PLEASE NOTE: Payments are strictly non refundable.
2. Stages
Stage One: design draft
Once the design brief has been completed it will be time to begin the design draft.
*PLEASE NOTE: it requires 3 to 14 business days for small projects. Some projects can be complex and require significantly more time to complete. You will be assigned a design leader to help guiding you through the process.
Stage Two: design development
After receiving your feedback from Stage One, we will continue to develop the project.
*PLEASE NOTE: it requires 3 to 14 business days for small projects. Some projects can be complex and require significantly more time to complete. You will be assigned a design leader to help guiding you through the process.
Once you are satisfied with the completed project, an email will be sent to you with further instructions.
Editable files for designs are provided in various formats, which depends on the specific project.
Designer reserves utilisation of designs for promotional purposes only unless specifically stated otherwise.

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