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100Domains.org is home for XRAYX.  XRAYX is three parts:

  • 1) A HUB that connects
  • 2) XRAYX.Net hosts our video clip content, blogs, and web tools.
  • 3) XRAYX Store that provides carefully selected products.

“We are a small team who rely on experts from around the world to make our dream come alive. Our ultimate ambition for the XRAYX Network is for it to be shared with its users.  That means all of its value. We aim to tokenise the network by 2030 through utilising new technologies.

We are leaving the planning phase, and are now putting into action our ideas for the future. This future is dynamic, exciting and challenging.

We hope you can be apart of this journey with us. We want to be a force for good and give back wherever we can.

We will be updating our monthly blog where you can discover more about what we are doing. 

Please be aware that we are still testing and building our products.  XRAYX Store is still under construction, and our decentralised spaces are still undergoing tests.

Thank you for reading”. By Mark Flynn: Owner of 100Domains Ltd

The idea began 10 years ago after experiencing spiralling web subscription, and observing online censorship.  New technological advances are now creating a level playing field, that are censorship resistant.  It is time the internet served ALL of us again and not just the few.

We support others in this space who are contributing, and helping to make all of our lives better.

Not only do we love what we do, but we think the internet is an enormous benefit to humanity.  We plan to help it remain this way.

The internet promised so much and delivered more than we could have ever imagined: and it keeps on delivering.  The internets full potential is not a guarantee, but we have chance of realising the web 3.0.

There are currently over 30,000 Unstoppable Domains at time of writing. These decentralised websites combined with technologies like Coil, and web browsers like Puma & Brave promise to deliver a more equitable internet. 


Our  De-XRAYX is decentralised.  It will provide more ways for our community to benefit, and make the most of aforementioned technologies:

  • No fees for advertising products or services
  • Ad-free browsing
  • No personal data shared
  • Fast connections due to IPFS file distribution
  • Coming 2022
Access to De-XRAYX requires an Unstoppable Domains enabled browser like Brave, or Opera. 
For more instructions on how to calibrate your browser to search for decentralised websites click the button below. You will be diverted to Unstoppable Domains instruction page.


Our XRAYX network to power an equitable user experience that gives more than it takes from our precious home: Earth. 

Integrate new and old ways; the tangible with the intangible.


The carbon footprint of the XRAYX network will have surplus carbon credit by 2030 through the creation of our Forest Garden.

A sustainable business model from web monetising services that gives more to its community than it takes.


User centric design.



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Get Your Unstoppable Domain: click our affiliate link


Please reach out to us if you have any unanswered questions.

100domains.org is still in its beta phase for its XRAYX Network.  Not all websites advertised are live.  It has been important that 100domains.org is live so that we can test our Platforms to our decentralised network.

XRAYX is our brand name and represents the technical team that are making our network possible.  100 Domains Ltd is the umbrella company that provides its legal framework.

Our store is currently in testing and is planned for opening in 2022.  If you are interested in supporting our testing phase please complete a contact form. 

Providing your business shares similar values you can advertise your business through one of our XRAYX Platforms. Permissions are granted on case by case basis. We reserve the right for refusing permission.

There are no fees for our entry package.

If you would like to advertise your services or product(s), but do not have your own website we can provide one of two solutions: 1. we can provide you with your own advert in one of our Platforms (no fee for our entry package), or 2. we can develop a website for your content by choosing one of our web development packages (click here for more information: COMING SOON).  

Our business model is focused on relying 99.9% on monetising traffic with Coils micropayments and other content payment ecosystems. 

The reality however is that this model for revenue is still being tested, and is itself still in its beta phase.  For this reason 100 Domains Ltd currently relies on other traditional revenue streams.

Our mission is by 2025 our network will be able to rely on technologies like Coils micropayment. This will enable an ad-free, cookie free, and overall better web browsing experience for its users. 

Learn more about Coil here | Learn about Brave attention-based ecosystem of rewards here

If you like what you read feel free to aid our mission by becoming a partner and advertise your content with us today. Click here.

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